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Connecticut Offers Properties for Sale by Owner to Solve Budget WorryMay 31st, 2010

The state administration of Connecticut has launched several properties for sale by owner in the hope of earning a minimum of $60 million of sales to assist in balancing the state's … More >>

House Construction Rose, Number of Permits FellMay 27th, 2010

The number of house construction projects rose during April 2010 in the U.S. However, construction permits also fell during the month. This led real estate analysts to assume that the … More >>

Securities Yields Drive Rates of U.S. Mortgage Loans to a Six-Month LowMay 26th, 2010

Rates of mortgage loans in the U.S. have declined to its lowest level during a six-month period as a result of declining mortgage securities yields from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. … More >>

Strategies for Keeping Florida Housing Insurance Rates Low RevealedMay 24th, 2010

In a written explanation submitted to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty revealed some of the risky strategies that his team is using to keep … More >>

Senior Property for Rental Rates Recorded Some IncreasesMay 20th, 2010

The first quarter of 2010 showed some increases in rent averages for senior property for rental housing in the U.S., albeit in a slower pace compared with numbers from the last quarter of … More >>

Tuscaloosa Home Building Company Ranks in Journal ListMay 19th, 2010

The Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based home building company, Builders Group of West Alabama, has been included in the top 200 house builders in the U.S. based on the rankings posted by the trade … More >>

USA Home Brokers Predict Further Price Decline in DurangoMay 17th, 2010

Prices of homes in Durango, Colorado will experience further declines in the coming months, according to one of the top USA home brokers, the Wells Group. According to the annual housing … More >>

State Property Appraisal Services Take Unprecedented CLA MoveMay 13th, 2010

The Department of Property Valuation and Review, the state property appraisal services unit of Vermont, has made an unprecedented move when it recalculated the Common Level of Appraisal … More >>

House Gardening Booming in Valparaiso, IndianaMay 12th, 2010

House gardening activities are booming in Valparaiso, Indiana and are being seen as alternative food sources amid economic and foreclosure difficulties. The surge of interest in gardening … More >>

Home Appliances Not Spared by Foreclosed HomeownerMay 10th, 2010

The former owner of a foreclosed house in Illinois was arrested by authorities after stripping his home of fixtures and home appliances despite having already been evicted. According to … More >>