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Las Vegas House Brokers Try to Survive Housing Market CrisisJuly 29th, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada had been one of the cities that were hit hardest by the housing industry crisis. In the city, not only are homeowners losing their properties in record numbers, but house … More >>

Field and House Inspectors Indicted by Pitkin Grand JuryJuly 28th, 2010

A grand jury from Pitkin County has indicted two building and house inspectors and a plumbing and heating company owner for the death of a family in Aspen. The Lofgren family, with husband … More >>

Longview House Builder Firms Increased Activities During First HalfJuly 26th, 2010

Construction projects kept house builder companies in Longview, Texas quite busy during the first half of the current year. However, most analysts believe that the rise in the number of … More >>

Homeowners’ Pet Dogs Might Affect Homes Insurance CoverageJuly 22nd, 2010

Homeowners have been warned by a recent report that getting homes insurance coverage might not be as straightforward as before. Now, even the type of pets kept by homeowners is reportedly … More >>

Survey Shows Motivation Behind Homes FSBOJuly 21st, 2010

A survey showed that Americans' decision to buy homes or sell their properties through homes FSBO and other means are greatly influenced by the current condition of the country's … More >>

Applications for Home Loans Declined Despite Affordable RatesJuly 19th, 2010

Home loans rates in the U.S. are at their lowest in decades, but this did not convince borrowers that now would be the best time to get a loan or to refinance existing mortgages. According … More >>

Foreclosed Property Appliances Tracked by GPSJuly 15th, 2010

Property appliances from foreclosed homes have become easy targets for thieves, with robbers taking advantage of the fact that these houses are mostly vacant. In Las Vegas, Nevada, realtor … More >>

Abundant Community and Home Gardening Tips from LA ResidentsJuly 14th, 2010

Urban dwellers looking for home gardening tips will likely get the best ones from residents of Los Angeles, California. People from the city have rediscovered the joy and benefits of … More >>

Lenders Move in Quickly to Take Over Real Estate ForeclosuresJuly 12th, 2010

Former owners of homes lost to real estate foreclosures have complained that lenders and banks are quick to take over their properties and change the locks even when homeowners still have … More >>

Providing Cheap Home Insurance Is the Least of Firms WorriesJuly 9th, 2010

Homeowners are finding it hard to find cheap home insurance nowadays. However, it seems that some people are not concerned over this development and are more focused on taking advantage of … More >>